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Anorexic Perfection

Hunger Hurts, But Thin Works.

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
WELCOME To Anorexic Perfection. If you wish to join this group you must have Ednos, ANOREXIA or BULIMIA. NOT a 'Ana/Mia Wanna Be', 'Looking To Lose A Few Pounds' or are 'Anti-E.D.'

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When Applying to join the group please add the following questions to your LJ Bio (you can delete it once added) other wise you WILL NOT be added.

What E.D. do you have?
How long have you had it?
Current BMI?

I am not judging you by these questions, just making sure this is the right group for you.

Once you join and have been approved (Member's ONLY can post) please answer the following questions.

E.D. type and how long for?
Have you been diagnosed/do you self-diagnose?
At least 1 photo of you:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~ Please post your intro with in 2 days of joining.

~ Please put pictures and long posts behind an lj-cut.

~ When posting a intro please put it behind an lj cut. Please make sure the post still contains at least 1 photo.

~ Broken images and the like will be deleted (if your pictures don't work.. why would we keep it?). If you are unsure about posting them, please ask someone first. If you're looking for an image host photobucket.com is good and free. They also supply you with the code needed to post pictures.

~ Please state if you photo/pic has nudity.

~ Please remember that all of us do have an eating disorder of some sort. Respect that or leave. Or be banned. Your choice.

~ No promoting any other community unless you email ana_four_ever@yahoo.co.uk with a request.

You may be BANNED from the group if the following happens:

~ You are Anti-E.D.

~ You do not post at least one a week.

~ You do not follow the rules (above).

The group is for you to post the following:

~ Goals
~ Weights
~ Fasts
~ Thinspiration
~ Progress Photo's
~ Any Thing PRO-ANA

Any hassle, your MOD is anamialovesu
Abuse is NOT tolerated. Anti E.D.'s will be BANNED.
As will anyone breaking the rules.

Feel free to email any questions to me at: ana_four_ever@yahoo.co.uk

*DISCLAIMER* This Group, ana_mia_lovesu will not be held responsible for your decisions to join this group. It's your lifestyle and choices are your own. This group does *NOT* promote eating disorders in any way shape or form.
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