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hey everyone, my name is christine and i wanted to join this community because it seemed likea really awesaome place.
NName: Christine
LJ Username: eatingcoulds01
Age: 18
Eating Disorder: bulimic with ana tendencies
Self-Diagnosed or Clinically: diagnosed
BMI: around 19
Height: 5'5
Highest Weight: 125
Lowest Weight: 99(oh those days)
Current Weight: 120 :(
STG: 99
LTG: as low as i can go
Tell us something interesting about yourself: non ed related: i am a dancer yay!
How long have you been struggling with your ED: i have been bulimic for about two years now, i was hospitalized this april when i actualy went into being anorexic with bulimic tendencies and got down to 98 pounds...i never really recovered but gained a lot of weight and now that i am in college i tnink it will be easier to hide it
Who is your biggest thinspiration: ahhh adriana lima, mary kate, and of course..GISELE!!!
What would you like to see from the community: lots and lots of support.
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